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Product photography
Product photography


Photography is a profession that requires patience, creativity, and an innovative mindset. Product photography is done to use the clicked pictures in the advertising and promotional campaign. The pictures are clicked in a manner that attracts the viewer to know more about the product. The purpose is to generate curiosity among the public regarding the product. 



Do you want Product Photography Services 

Congrats! You are in the right place. The Design Trip is here to help you. We'll break down everything you need to know about e-commerce product photography that will help you choose the correct agency. Imagine your online shopping without any image. 

In this article, we are going to discuss:  

  • What is product photography?
  • What is the purpose of using product photography services? 
  • Types of product photography 
  • How to learn photography? 
  • Why is product photoshoot important? 
  • Why choose 'The Design Trip? 


What is product photography? 

It is a type of commercial photography that uses techniques by taking the photoshoot of products for commercial use and advertisement purpose. It attractively represents the object so that it can entice potential buyers. Catalogs, brochures, and websites can use images created in this way. 

When we open any advertisement or any product-related website, then we see examples of product photography. 

What is the purpose of product photography services? 

We shop online from e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart. We purchase products after viewing the images; from this perspective, we can understand the need for eCommerce product photography. Now, let's imagine one condition-you have to purchase the product without images, then what would be your reaction. The ideal purpose of a product photoshoot is to increase conversion by attracting customers through amazing creative images. 

The ideal process involved in eCommerce product photography: 

  • The primary products images are designed in such a way that it attracts the customer in the first impression. 
  • On further inspection, it forces the customers to click on with compare to other competitor images. 
  • Supporting images are designed in such a way that it looks creative from every angles and distance. 
  • Images should make sense. It means if a customer reads the description and features of the products, then it is written according to the image. 


Types of Product Photoshoot: 

  1. The Simple Studio Product Shot: - Various types of product photography will require various ways to deal with the grandstand of the specific item. The simple studio product shot is only your item photograph taken on a basic foundation, and that's it. The motivation behind this shot is to plainly and alluringly present your item to your clients. Clearness is the solitary thing you need to zero in on here. The simple studio product shots are most commonly used on product pages. 
  2. The Product Lifestyle Shot: - The way of product lifestyle shot is what you would use to show the client what their life will resemble by utilizing the item. As a result, the product will be displayed in its natural environment, which clients will likely use. 
  3. Product Grouping: - Group product images are the best way to demonstrate options to the customers. These can be a collection of women's make-up, men's clothes that might include multiple options on the products in the group, or the same product that comes in variations. 
  4. The Process Shot: - One may use the process shot to underline the degree of quality that makes a specific item. Bringing the cycles behind how your handcrafted items are made to your clients is a great way to build trust and relationships. 
  5. The Scale Shot: - The scale shot is a photograph of the item that shows how large the item is comparative with its current circumstance. A physical store lets you discuss things before you buy, but you cannot communicate with the product; therefore, your pictures need to communicate that as clearly as possible. There's nothing more awful than submitting a request for something, and it's a large portion of the size you anticipated that it should be the point at which it appears. 

Why is product photoshoot important? 

Since we know various factors attract customer's attention, out of all products photoshoot is valuable. But the question arises why we do product photography. So, here is the list of benefits of using product photoshoot: 

  • Attracts customer's attention: If your ecommerce product image is well designed, it will grab customers' mood within a fraction of seconds. 
  • Build a brand: Merely image is enough but gets your website recognized globally should be our ultimate goal. So, to make your brand unique and professional, you should advertise your product on ecommerce platforms consistently.  
  • Build communication: We know that image speaks louder than words. And it is true when it comes to brand. Today is the era of Social media, so a good product image with a specific size, color, and feature can build outstanding communication on commercial platforms 
  • Keeps competitors away: No doubt, millions carry the same features as yours does, but if your image is unique, specific, and perfectly described, then you stand out from the competition.  
  • Drive Sales: Good product photography can convert potential customers to regular customers, and we know happy customers repeat their business. So, one can drive excellent sales through it. 
  • Increase conversion: You can increase your conversion by using product photoshoots, for commercial and ecommerce platforms it is our primary purpose.

How to learn product photography? 

Regardless of what's your purpose of using a product photoshoot, here are some tips for learning product photoshoot: 

  • You should be familiar with your camera 
  • Watch some online sessions or tutorials 
  • Read some books 
  • Practice, practice, practice 
  • Familiar with photography tools 
  • Attend any workshop 
  • Join photography forum 
  • Give some exams of the photography competition 
  • Make an online photography portfolio 
  • Follow some photographers on social media 

Why Choose The Design Trip? 

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    Frequently Asked Question

    A:It simply means to click pictures of your products that will help you to engage with customers and clients.
    A:If your business has a line of products and you want to showcase beautifully in front of the audience then yes, you need this service.
    A:Yes, we have a team of professional photographers including a creatives team working along with them to achieve the best result.
    A:You can mail us the description of your product, the number of shoots required, desired image format, and including any special instructions.
    A:You need to send us the product then our team clicks the pictures and returns the product. In some cases, our team can reach the site and photograph products on site.
    A:Yes, of course. Get in touch with us to confirm the studio address.
    A:Yes, we are capable and equipped to shoot irrespective of size and shape.
    A:Yes, we have a dedicated place for photography work. That's well-equipped with the systems and tools required.
    A:You can always mail us your requirements with specifications. We will do the changes if possible.