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Interior Design

Interior Design

Space design


Space design focuses on the importance of empty spaces in the design elements and creates separations of elements which is visually appealing and have usability. It can include office space design and also a small house design and cafe design interior. For this process, we typically follow the concepts of

  • Combining art and technical expertise

  • Attention to each and every detail aspects of space design

  • Professional consultation with the clients.

Our designers use the concepts of space and layouts, negative and positive space, shape and form and style. We use a through a deep analysis to get to the nuance of the space design planning and define the various patterns and also consider how people will consider the use of the space.

At The Design Trip, we work with you as a team to incorporate your thought processes in the space design and bring out your vision, business objectives, guidelines, and financial budgets.


Organizations today face the tough challenge of adequate spacing requirements which can cater to the workflow of the office environment. We understand this and map out a unique design plan which will fit into the overall concept of the corporate environment. The details of office design should be aptly mapped out so that you bring out unique solutions to the table and also at the same time ensure future adaptability. We give you our expert feedback on how good space should be utilized and made proper use of. We carefully evaluate the different market trends and make the required recommendations on how we can design a perfect decor for you.