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“Your brand is what your customer thinks of you, Make it big with us”

Look around and you will see people are bombarded by various businesses, products, services, and commercials on almost every channel. How can you stand out in such a crowded market and project a great image of your company to the relevant audience? This is where The Design Trip comes into play.

We are a team of passionate people fascinated by the word brand and know its commercial value for the businesses and assist organizations in growing by transforming their brands into valuable assets that engage employees, inspire customers, and generate long-term revenue. Our approach is data-driven which help in transforming the business into a brand and aid growth and creating a competitive edge.


The Design Trip Branding Services

Brand Positioning

Be a Brand that people see for whom you really are, not just your prices. The competition is becoming more intense. If you don't want your company to become commoditized, you must invest in branding instead of matching a competitor's price. With us, you can maintain control over the pricing portion of your product or service. Our holistic brand positioning will ensure that the brand lives up to its promise and increases its recall value whenever it comes into contact with someone through any medium.

We'll design a meaningful identity that attracts the right customers, converts them, and keeps them coming back for more using strategic direction as fuel. Then, to get your brand visible, acquire trust, and convert purchases, we create a comprehensive promotion plan.

Brand Experience

Our Brand Experience is a marketing strategy that blends the art and science of marketing to connect with customers on the most intellectual and emotional levels. We build a sensory experience that connects your audience to your brand in a lasting and meaningful way. We accomplished this through cutting-edge design, communication, and digital surroundings.

We conduct extensive research about your industry, keeping an eye on consumer trends and behaviours, business niche, products and services, jargon, and, of course, your competitors. The more we know about your industry, the better we'll be able to communicate with your target market. In other words, our research-based thinking elevates your brand to new heights.

Now is the time to kick your marketing efforts into high gear. We create authentic brand experiences that engage and inspire people at every touchpoint using a wide variety of creative talents.

Brand Identity

We help you make a good first impression because we believe the first impression is the last, so we ensure it's the best one. The Design Trip Branding Agency aims to raise brand awareness, explain the company's storey, and foster and build client loyalty. Branding is how we make you communicate your message to the world; it's what people think of when they hear your company's name.

Let's build a distinct brand identity that is immediately recognized and feels timeless using our tools and devoted team. The correct brand and marketing strategy can help you create a seismic shift in the industry, focusing all attention on you rather than your competitors. Our branding services assist you in establishing a genuine and appealing connection with your target audience.

Brand Strategy

Our comprehensive brand strategies bridge the gap between business strategy and customer experience. Our strategy services are based on thorough research; assist you in laying the groundwork for the future of your brand by developing a positioning platform that creates relevance and uniqueness.

Our paramount branding strategy aids in achieving the appropriate level of recognition and exposure. Business-Customer relationship works on trust, familiarity, and confidence, and we help you build this delicate relationship by crafting brand strategies out of your business.

We formulate our strategies based on prices, Convenience, customer services and Quality based which are both functional and inspirational. Still, waiting?? For what? Businesses out there are turning themselves into brands; now it's your turn, grab the opportunity and contact us.

Brand Naming

Our team takes a deliberate approach to establish memorable business names that act as a medium for the brand's concept to be narrated. Our naming approach begins with studying your differentiators and competitors and then moves on to the creative formulation of possibilities with meanings and available domains.

We understand the qualities that your target audience values in a company and merge your company's values and personality with these qualities in your brand name. The goal is to project what your company is all about in a way that your target audience will understand.

Why choose The Design Trip as your Branding Agency?

We go into the nitty-gritty to fully appreciate the complex factors that shape your business. We do market research, competitor analysis, learn about your organization, products, goals, and target and actual customer profiles. Working with you at specified milestones and getting feedback from stakeholders along the way, we turn ideas into real visual representations to generate brand concepts. The ultimate result is a fully-rounded visual design system and a distinctive brand identity.

From small start-ups to mid-sized businesses to well-known global brands, our clients come in all kinds and sizes. The companies we work with are united by their will to succeed, their determination never to stop moving forward, and their need for exceptional results. Every business has something to offer something incredible to the audience, and we help businesses become brands and create a place in the mind of the customer. Let's reveal who you are by working with us and creating a brainstorming brand strategy. We are here just to bring those values into the customer's eyes.

If you're a customer looking to work with branding specialists who can create high-performing brands at breakneck speed, then contact The Design Trip nowww.

Frequently Asked Question

A:We have a team of very creative and experienced designers and marketing experts who are full of ideas that will take your business to reach its desired goals. We also provide various affordable options and on-time presentations of your designs.
A:Yes, We have offered affordable and the best Branding services in India, US, and Australia too.
A:Yes, our clients’ testimonials are very important to us and we will be more than happy to show them to you to help you trust us better.
A:Your contributions will be appreciated. You can contribute by giving suggestions, immediately responding to our feedback requests, and ensuring timely payment.
A:A logo is just a part of the whole branding process. To completely turn your business into a brand you must create its website, visiting cards, design packaging, etc. and they all must show the personality of your brand or business so that it delivers your brand’s idea and brings customer’s brand loyalty.
A:50% of the agreed price is to be paid before the work starts and the rest after receiving the final product. We accept payments by PayPal, credit card, debit card, and online payment.
A:The process includes planning, discussion, and researching, then we present you the samples or brochure after which we start the designing according to your needs in which we take your feedback at every step and then the final product is presented to you.
A:Branding includes various things like logo designing, packaging designing, website designing and a lot of other things so it depends upon the service that you need. If you want the branding to be done completely it may take upto 16 weeks or more and if just one or two basic branding services are needed, it will take less than a month or so.
A:A team will be working on the project and you will be in contact with the team manager or leader.
A:Your suggestions and feedback will be taken on every step of the process so there is a very limited chance of you feeling the need to make changes, but if that happens, we will consider your opinions and make the changes until you are completely satisfied
A:Our branding services include packaging designing, logo designing, marketing suggestions, social media marketing, website designing, pamphlet or brochure designing, visiting card designing, etc
A:Turning your business into a brand brings you recognition, increased sales, people’s trust, and brand loyalty, ease of launching new products, decreased competition, etc.