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Teerth AvilaTeerth Avila is a residential project in sus hills’ tranquilly

A Vibrant Community for Your Family to Flourish


Teerth Realties is a prestigious privately held property development firm specializing in creating exceptional projects in the commercial, residential, educational, and industrial sectors. Their latest venture, Teerth Avila, is a remarkable development that encompasses 468 new homes, 38 shops, and a landscaped communal area, strategically located between the tranquil Sus Hills and Baner link road in Pune.

  • visual language
  • site landing
  • brochure
  • digital media
  • print media


We faced an exciting challenge of creating a compelling campaign and branding strategy for Teerth Avila, positioning it as the go-to choice for mid-range affordable homes in an area saturated with large residential projects, while specifically targeting the first home buyers.


We crafted a winning solution to target first home buyers for Teerth Avila through the 'EXTRA' campaign. By offering something extra in every possible manner, we tap into the aspirations and budget-consciousness of this audience.


The campaign's goal is to set the right tone of communication, making potential home buyers perceive Teerth Avila as their affordable oasis in the bustling locality.

Research Process

Campaign Concept

Crafting an engaging campaign anchored in the term "Extra," we spotlight Teerth Avila's distinctive value proposition – the inclusion of an extra room within the cost parameters of a typical 2 BHK apartment. The campaign narrative revolves around the idea of "ExtraSpace Living," where homeowners receive beyond their expectations without compromising on cost-effectiveness or quality.


The target audience comprises of individuals who are budget-conscious and value-driven, seeking to make a smart investment in their first home without compromising on quality and modern living amenities.

Design Language

The design philosophy adopted a minimalistic aesthetic, intentionally directing attention towards the textual content. This choice allowed the core message to take center stage, ensuring both clarity and impact.


To enhance visual appeal and capture immediate attention, we employed a palette of bright and vibrant poppy colors. These colors not only added a dynamic and energetic dimension to the visuals but also contributed to a memorable and engaging visual experience.

A fun and playful font is strategically used to amplify the primary message of desirability, adding an element of charm and excitement to the content. To enhance the visual identity, we subtly incorporated the logo's colors through flowing lines. The hero element features a single line adorned with the logo's colors, creating a captivating and cohesive design.


The brochure creatively presents the project's features, amenities, and lifestyle offerings in a visually appealing and informative format. It maintains a clean and sophisticated design, with a subtle hint of colors incorporated through the line pattern.

Teaser Campaign

The purpose of the teaser campaign was to create anticipation within the project's vicinity and surrounding areas. By employing teaser branding techniques, the campaign aimed to build excitement leading up to the project's launch. Bold color schemes and distinct typography were used to prominently convey the taglines and messages.

Consciously avoiding the use of site images in the creatives, our focus was on building anticipation and recognition through taglines and colors while withholding excessive details to enhance excitement.

Launch Campaign

The campaign achieved wide exposure by strategically deploying billboards, posters, on-site branding, and flagpoles, effectively reaching a diverse audience. Its objective of piquing curiosity, attracting visitors to the sales center, and enticing potential buyers was successfully accomplished.

Socail Media Creatives

We utilized social media posts to emphasize crucial project details while maintaining a consistent visual style to reach a broader audience

Product Landing Page

We created a detailed landing page as an integral part of the Teerth Realties website. This dedicated webpage served as a comprehensive repository, providing in-depth information about the project in a manner that seamlessly harmonized with the project's distinctive theme and messaging.

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