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Talentica is a dynamic and innovative tech solution company that stands as a pillar of support for startups and businesses seeking cutting-edge technical solutions. TechTalk is a YouTube channel is dedicated to delivering engaging content that unravels the mysteries and intricacies of the tech world.

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Because of the remote work system in Talentica, they had lack of communication with their employees. So we got the task to fill the gap between the brand and their employees.


We cusomized an illustration (visual) style which will give a friendly and acceptable vibes to the employees, where they feel close with the talentica.


We always tried to give a satisfied solution to talentica. we maintain the trendy color gradient with attractive illustrations. our graphic design services provide a visual language that resonates with innovation.

Research Process

Brand Study

Talentica provides technical solutions to startup businesses. Talentica is a large group of technical solution providers in the tech field. Additionally, Talentica has many verticals in this field.


The “Talentica” is designed specifically for startups with dedicated teams consisting of the brightest talent, They balance process and flexibility to meet the constantly changing needs of startups.


Starup companies who need any type of technical help to set their business and work it in a nyc flow.

Logo Designing

The first thing was to maintain the look and feel of the mother brand, Talentica. The message icon signifies dynamic interaction (communication). The integration of three lines adds a distinctive technological touch, symbolising the channels' forward-thinking and innovative nature. This emblem harmoniously fuses communication and technology, encapsulating the channel's mission and identity.

techno color palette is used for the project to convey a sense of digital communication and forward-thinking. The contrasting colors align with the futuristic, modern, and innovative look.

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