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Parampara Biryani Parampara An Age-Old Recipe Of Nostalgia And Tradition

Parampara Biryani: Journey from a Heritage Masala Brand to Cloud Kitchen Delight.


Parampara Biryani is a brand that proudly celebrates its Indian heritage, offering authentic and delicious biryani dishes to food enthusiasts. The brand plans to leverage its strong foundation as a trusted masala brand to launch its new venture as a cloud kitchen into the culinary world of biryani. Their USP lies in the way they serve biryani i.e in a vessel that can be directly heated to give a very traditional experience to the food enthusiasts.

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The brand's journey began with "Parampara Masale" – an embodiment of ready-to-cook perfection. The main task here was to justify their history, culture and heritage. Creating a unique brand identity for Parampara Biryani, while incorporating their values of heritage and authenticity, and the idea of providing best food experience, required a thoughtful and creative approach.


We came up with a unique brand identity for Parampara Biryani with a plan to create an identity that is a fusion of old and new, showcasing our respect for traditional ways while embracing the contemporary approach to biryani preparation. 
 The overall visual appeal was envisioned to bring about a traditional feeling for modern foodies.


The key to successful brand identity is consistency. We envisioned the brand to have a royal and Indian look and so we incorporated Indian motifs and classy colours in a very minimal way consistently across all collaterals.

connecting flavours and minds

Brand Study

Parampara Biryani's USP lies in its age-old, authentic biryani recipe handed down through generations. This heritage and tradition set it apart from competitors. The brand's commitment to quality, authenticity, and a curated foodie experience will resonate with customers seeking genuine flavours and culinary nostalgia.


We helped PARAMPARA to position strategically in the market with an ideology of ‘Embrace Tradition, Relish Convenience: Indulge in a Timeless Biryani Experience Delivered to Your Doorstep.’ Leveraging the latest market trends and consumer preferences, we position the brand as the ultimate destination for Biryani enthusiasts seeking an exceptional blend of tradition and convenience.


The brand aims to cater to adventurous food enthusiasts, traditionalists, local gourmets, culinary tourists, health-conscious foodies, time-conscious diners, and tech-savvy consumers, seeking an authentic and convenient Biryani experience.


The logo is formed with the traditional elements like Indian motifs, spices, cooking vessel in a minimal manner to give a traditional yet contemporary look and feel. A beautiful font is tweaked to add a touch of elegance and royalty.

Warm and inviting colours like saffron, earthy tones, and royal teal are used to evoke a sense of authenticity and traditional flavours. The visual language is inspired by Indian motifs and art. The key ingredients used to prepare a steaming hot biryani like cloves, bay leaf, chilly etc are used in mandala pattern to emphasise taste, flavour and authenticity.

Logo Formation

A beautiful and elegant font is tweaked to evoke feelings of royalty, tradition, and genuineness. The logo artfully conceals the brand's unique selling proposition by incorporating the iconic copper pot, known as a "Handi," which is used to serve Biryani. This subtle representation reflects the essence of the brand's distinct offering.


The packaging serves as a captivating storyteller, narrating the brand's journey and the inception of 'Parampara.' It also includes a comprehensive step-by-step guide to prepare the Biryani, evoking the essence of tradition. Additionally, stunning photography showcases the diverse array of Biryani offerings that the brand presents.

The visual language is used across all touchpoints to have a cohesive look. The overall design has a very royal, traditional look and feel which will entice foodies who appreciate authentic flavours and culinary traditions.

Social Media

We maintained an interactive, authentic, and friendly social media presence for the brand. Use of actual photography reflects real experiences, while consistent colors reinforce brand familiarity. Our content strategy focused on storytelling, fostering connections with our audience and aligning with brand values.

Website Design

Our approach here was to create a clean, intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface that allows users to find products quickly and place orders without any confusion.


By streamlining the process, we aimed to enhance user satisfaction and encourage repeat visits, ultimately driving higher conversion rates and customer retention. The user interface's user-centric design focuses on minimizing friction, guiding users through the journey smoothly, and providing a pleasant and efficient shopping experience.

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