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OG Burger "Bun, patty & Swag- That’s the OG way..!”

Why stick to the ordinary when you can have an OG Burger which is all about epic flavors?


OG Burger, a Haryana-based cafe, is an handcrafted and fresh high quality ingredients used brand with plans to grow its footprint across India. They aimed to connect with the younger generation and establish themselves as a key participant in the fast-food market by focusing on offering in-house manufactured ingredients.

  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • character design


In the extremely competitive fast-food industry, the key challenge was to build a brand identity that resonated with the younger generation. To grab attention and loyalty as a new entrant, OG needed to distinguish itself from well-established businesses. It was critical to create an engaging identity that reflected the brand's integrity and modernism while distinguishing itself from its competitors.


We chose the acronym "OG Burger" after extensive study and connected the design language with the concept, hoping to evoke a sense of excitement. We created a distinct and compelling visual identity using a quirky illustration style with bold colors.


We developed the brand identity for "OG Burger" by first understanding the word's meaning - reflecting originality and pioneering spirit. Our strong digital strategy engaged the target demographic on social media channels, seamlessly deploying the unique brand identity across all touchpoints.

Research Process

Brand Study

OG Burger's core essence revolved around the line “Bringing you the real Burger” with its originality in the taste and identity. To resonate with their target audience, the brand sought to offer a genuine and nostalgic burger experience, evoking emotions of well crafted and realness.


A brand personality was developed that aligned with OG Burger's vision and resonated with the current generation audience. This personality showcased authenticity, innovation, approachability, and a touch of playfulness, establishing an emotional connection with potential customers.


The new generation demographic, known for their tech-savviness, social consciousness, and desire for unique experiences, was identified as the primary target audience through initial research.


Customizing the font involved blending cursive and hand-drawn elements, resulting in a free-spirited, trendy, and fun appearance. Playful typography and bold colors synergize to create an engaging and exciting design that captivates the target audience, establishing OG Burger as an appealing choice in the competitive fast-food sector.

OG Burger boasts a distinctive identity, fueled by captivating taglines such as 'Unleash Your Inner OG Foodie.' With this ingenious approach to their tone of voice, the brand invites customers to embrace their inner culinary adventurer, making every dining experience an exciting and flavorful journey.

Colour Palette

Red, a powerful color in the food industry, enhances appetite, boosts energy, and activates the brain's hunger center. Strategically incorporating red in our brand essence conjures images of tender meat, hot and fresh food, sparking a mouth-watering response.


Innovative branding components, such as wacky stickers, are used in OG packaging to represent the brand's cohesive vision and strategic direction. These enticing stickers radiate a sense of energy and playfulness, effectively reflecting the essence of the brand's excitement.

Discover packaging with our OG Burger stickers. Infused with swag, they preview a flavorful experience – cheese, loaded burger & bun. Our logo shines, boasting a unique font, captivating illustration, seamless integration. These stickers elevate aesthetics and unboxing, blending swag and taste.

Social Media

The social media grid of The OG Burger is a full representation of the brand's essence and character. It's a visual narrative with several dimensions that engages in all important fields. Every piece, from Fun animations to Crazy stickers and swag-infused designs, reflects the distinct vibe of OG Burger.

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