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Mickey Tots A place Where Little Dreamers Grow Big

Get ready for a kid-tastic blast – where learning is fun and every day is a playdate!


MickeyTots isn't just a preschool and daycare; it's a nurturing community that celebrates individuality and empowers young minds. With a diverse team of researchers, educators, and passionate professionals, MickeyTots creates an environment of personalized learning and holistic growth, guided by the belief that every child is unique.

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Navigating the competitive landscape of the emerging daycare and preschool market while effectively conveying the brand's core values, benefits, and unique features posed a significant challenge. Additionally, aligning our creative direction with the specific references provided by our client, who had distinct preferences, demanded meticulous attention to detail. Balancing innovation with the client's vision became an intricate process in crafting a standout branding strategy.


We crafted a fun compelling branding identity and strategy that resonates with the parents, highlighting the brand's unique educational approach and fostering trust in its ability to nurture children's growth and development.

Client Goals

The client aimed to develop an illustrative brand identity featuring distinctive colors, steering away from conventional imagery. The primary design requirement highlighted was for the brand to be trendy, fun, and trustworthy.

Research Process

Brand Study

MickeyTots encourages authentic creativity, fostering a strong sense of identity in children. Their goal is to nurture innate curiosity, empowering kids to evolve into inquisitive individuals as they grow. The brand aimed to achieve a voice which reflects playfulness, trustworthiness, warm and reliability.

Market Study

We conducted a comprehensive analysis of brand competitors, studying their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Based on this competitor analysis, we identified potential branding improvements and positioning strategies to enhance client’s market presence.


Parents hold a pivotal role as the primary decision-makers for a preschool brand, shaping the foundation of their child's educational journey. Their trust and confidence in the brand's values, curriculum, and safety standards are paramount. Meanwhile, the preschool environment's branding is a harmonious blend of catering to children's preferences and ensuring parents' peace of mind, making both audiences integral to the brand's success.


With exquisite craftsmanship, the logo creates a delightful ambiance. The clever interplay between 'Mickey' and 'Tots' adds an element of intrigue, while the thoughtfully arranged letters 'K' and 'Y' serve as symbols of interconnection and compassion. Vibrantly subtle shades and a custom font featuring a playful 'm' elevate the design, infusing it with a captivating aura.

The brand confidently embraces vibrant, subtle, and fun colors, boldly standing out with its unique essence and setting itself apart from traditional school-associated color schemes. The primary brand palette incorporates yellow to evoke excitement and purple to symbolize fun and care.

Character Design

The brand's character design takes cues from client suggestions and primary mood boarding, resulting in a captivating ensemble of five animals rarely seen together. Enriched by appealing hues and textures that provide dimension, the preliminary sketches culminated in the enchanting Mickey Tots character family's ultimate creation.


We crafted a unique visual brand language and applied it consistently across collaterals to enhance brand recognition. Drawing inspiration from children's drawings, we used a raw crayon effect as a supporting visual element throughout. Additionally, we developed a secondary pattern using the 'm' from the logo.

The collaterals were designed in a refreshingly unconventional way, incorporating characters and brand elements. Additionally, we created an attractive introductory social media grid for the brand launch.


A digital application was crafted with a user-centered strategy, placing importance on easy navigation, captivating visuals, and interactive elements. It catered to preschoolers and parents alike, offering tools for parental control and teacher assistance. The aim was to create a stimulating digital environment for preschool learning, all while staying true to its objectives.


The key hurdles faced during the app's design were achieving a harmonious blend of amusement and sophistication, preventing the visual elements from overshadowing the app's usability, and offering parents readily comprehensible choices.


The combination of collaborative card sorting discussions and thoughtful color selection was instrumental in crafting an app that not only prioritized usability and functionality but also radiated a visually appealing and engaging atmosphere, enhancing the overall user experience.


Designing the website for Mickey Tots, involved careful consideration of several key points. The user interface needed to be intuitively simple, ensuring easy navigation for parents seeking information about the program. Visual elements had to be vibrant and child-friendly, captivating the attention of parents. Responsiveness across devices was essential to accommodate busy parents on the go.

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