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the only app you need to monitor and control your home attributes.

OVERVIEW, a smart home app, empowers users with complete control over their devices, allowing them to not only manage individual devices but also organize them by rooms. Moreover, the app provides users with the flexibility to customize automated scenes and device combinations, resulting in a more comfortable and efficient lifestyle.

  • UI\UX
  • Mobile app


The primary challenge was in creating a user-friendly interface that allows users to intuitively set up, edit, and manage these automated scenes without feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of possibilities and interactions between various devices. Have a seamless and smooth navigation throughout the app and make user's life easier, by making their homes more manageable.


Striking the right balance between simplicity and flexibility in designing for providing a seamless and delightful user experience. We created something that will make users feel more secure and in the authority of their homes.

OUR Approach

For smooth navigation we reduced steps as much as possible so that users can control the devices in a more accessible and organized way.

Project insights

User problems:

After conducting immersive sessions with users, we gained insights into their challenges. Dealing with multiple smart devices using separate applications can be confusing, and creating custom presets becomes difficult when using different apps.

Brand vision:

To provide a unified cross-platform interface for controlling your smart home. The aim is to create interfaces that enhance comfort, control, and safety, bridging the gap between you and your home.


The app primarily serves the upper middle class and upper class individuals, who frequently require servicing and maintenance for their large premises providing effortless control over all devices at their fingertips.

UI elements

In the process of creating, we took great care in selecting fonts, colors, icons, and other design elements. The chosen font embodies both readability and modern aesthetics. At the same time, the color scheme was meticulously crafted to meet our client's vision for a contemporary and modern appearance for the app.

Intuitive icons represent devices and functionalities, maintaining a cohesive visual language.

dynamic interface

The dynamic UI of the app is geared towards providing users with a familiar and intuitive experience, minimizing confusion in controlling their smart devices. The dynamic UI fosters a user-centric approach, empowering users to control their smart devices effortlessly, without the need to navigate through complex interfaces or decipher unfamiliar controls.

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