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Braino MotoBraino Moto is a motor skill and brain development program.

Empowering children to unleash their full potential with an engaging learning experience.


Braino Moto is a motor skill and brain development program designed for young people aged 3-10 years. It offers a structured curriculum-based approach, curated and developed with the assistance of certified educators in the field.

  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • character design


The challenge was to craft a visually appealing identity system that could resonate with both young learners and their parents. This entailed finding the perfect equilibrium between educational and playful elements. The ultimate aim was to create an immersive and delightful experience that effectively communicated the program's core values and advantages, stimulating active participation and engagement.


Right from the outset, our focus was on achieving a sophisticated and grown-up look in the design. We achieved this by thoughtfully choosing colors, characters, and language that exude fun without appearing overly childish or immature. While addressing motorskills as a brain exercise, we infused it with a playful and enjoyable games-like vibe, making the experience engaging and entertaining.

Scope of Wrok

Our involvement with Braino Moto spanned every aspect of the project, starting from developing the program's name to crafting the logo, establishing the branding, and designing captivating characters. Additionally, we took charge of creating the play box that houses all the game equipment and a display progress tracker to monitor the children's progress with the games.

Research Process

Brand Study

Braino Moto functions as an extension of the main company, "ZOMMER play." The main idea behind its inception was to introduce an online platform for the motorskills program, aiming to enhance accessibility and approachability. The core focus was on providing a targeted and enjoyable learning experience. The program offers an online course featuring video tutorials for each game, creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for the learners.

Main Features

Braino Moto provides scientifically designed equipment and teaching tools to improve movement skills and brain functions. With a comprehensive "PLAY BOX" and an integrated progress tracker, parents and children can monitor development and offer motivation throughout the learning journey.


Braino Moto aims to target both children and parents. With an engaging and playful learning environment, it captivates children's attention and fosters eagerness to participate and learn. The user-friendly interface and integrated progress tracker cater to parents, enabling them to actively monitor their child's development and achievements.


The name "Braino Moto" aptly encapsulates the brand's mission to stimulate and invigorate the mind which means brain movement. To visually convey this concept, we infused movement and playfulness into the logo design, capturing the essence of the brand's desired personality.

A dynamic colour palette which exudes warmth and seriousness to reinforce the brand's friendly and approachable identity while also conveying a sense of professionalism.

Character Design

The Braino Moto characters are intentionally designed with basic shapes and given names that rhyme with the brand name - NOTO, OTO, and BOTO - to create a playful connection. Since the characters will be featured on the progress tracker in a small size, the goal was to design them as minimally as possible while still retaining their unique identities.


It was quite a task to fit over 20 pieces of equipment for 15+ games, along with a bunch of stickers and a playboard, into a single box. The concept behind the box was to generate a sense of excitement and anticipation by making it fun and visually appealing. This was achieved by incorporating doodle illustrations of the games and using keywords to express the appropriate emotions.

The progress tracker’s main purpose is to keep record of kids progress and at the same time guide them about the play and keep them motivated to play their activities. Each game completed earns the child a golden star sticker, which they can use to mark off completed games on the tracker. The tracker includes blocks for each game, displaying the game name and an illustration of how or with whom it should be played.

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