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Sep 25, 2020   |   by Aishna Pathak   |    Graphic design

Behance is the most amazing platform to showcase your creative work and discover the works of others. It is part of the Adobe family and most of the famous big businesses have gotten a kick start by availing their services.

It is one of the best ways to make your work reach out to your potential clients. The platform promotes creativity and is a great place to get inspiration and to share your ideas with people. 

Professionals can showcase their skills and technicalities through their Behance portfolio- Design, advertising, marketing campaigns, web design, product packaging, Brand identity everything. The portfolios on Behance are considered the best ways to showcase work.


    Here are 12 best creative agency profiles one must follow on Behance:

    • Red antler
      Red antlerhas one of the best Behance profile. They are a branding agency that started in 2007 working with big brands like Google, Casper, Foursquare. The agency is a 360 branding agency providing research, strategy, naming, digital marketing, logo designing, advertising, engineering, and retail services. The profile has active and a large number of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
      Creative Agency Profiles on Behance
    • Pentagram
      Pentagram was started in 1972 which gives them the privilege of having a great deal of experience in the field of designing. They have won a lot of awards for presenting a beautiful piece of work. Pentagram provides graphic design, identity, architecture, interiors, and product designing services. Their work is seen and appreciated by a lot of people on Behance as well as by their clients.
      Creative Agency Profiles on Behance
    • The Design Trip
      TDT is a Branding, Packaging, and a Creative Design Studio with a highly professional profile on Behance. And not just design, but TDT also deals with providing Marketing and Advertising services. They've got a young, vibrant, and a restless team who will settle nothing but for the best! Their talented team of digital and design experts creates a distinct plan that can help you achieve your goal and reach on top of the business goals. 
      Top creative design agency on Behance
    • Mucho
      Mucho is a Branding, Packaging, and graphic design agency and company with a very creative and inspirational profile on Behance. Mucho’s strategy is to understand the needs and preferences of people to create the perfect design for the people which communicates their idea to the audience in the best possible manner. 
      Creative Agency Profiles on Behance
    • Robot Food
      Robot food is a creative designing agency that helps businesses become big brands. They have a very beautiful and creative way of presenting the designs on Behance. Robot food focuses on providing the best possible designs to its clients in the minimum possible rates. They are updated with the latest design and tools to work with.
      Creative Agency Profiles on Behance
    • Ramotion
      Ramotion is yet another amazing agency profile on Behance with a lot of followers. They are a digital marketing and identity design agency that focuses on UI/UX design, mobile, and web development. They have been working for the past 10 years and more than 48 big brands like bitmoji, kyber network, Netflix,, wizeline, adobe, opera, oppo, avast, etc. 
      Creative Agency Profiles on Behance
    • One Design
      One design is a creative design agency providing a large number of services which include website/application design, information architecture, digital strategy, copywriting, search optimization (SEO), naming, print & packaging, environmental & experience, social media strategy, shopping & e-Commerce integration, content management systems (CMS), craft CMS development, etc. Their designs show that they are experts in the field and could provide all the possible designing services.
      Creative Agency Profiles on Behance
    • Bolder Creative
      Bolder creative is another creative agency profile on Behance that shows the unmatchable and very creative designing work of the agency. The agency has worked with more than 500 big brands which include Home Depot, Maserati, Ferrari, and Mac Donald’s. Their clients show how creative and valuable their work is to take inspiration from.
      Creative Agency Profiles on Behance
    • Struck
      Struck is the creative designing agency that works with a focus on differentiation and perspective because everyone has their unique perspective which widens the range of ideas who work to build brands that everyone adores. Their Behance profile is versatile and creative, showing their idea of differentiation and perspective very clearly. 
    • Design studio
      Design studio focuses on designing the brands that will be loved by everyone by focusing on showing what is unique and special about your brand while designing. The design studio has big brands in its portfolio like Airbnb, OLX, Premier league, Logitech, Nectar, Impira, Star India, etc. and their work is followed by a lot of people. 
      Creative Agency Profiles on Behance
    • Oddfellows
      Oddfellows is a content agency that focuses on solving business problems by deeply understanding the power of feeling to create unforgettable brand experiences for your business. It is one of the best and creative Behance profile which shows their extraordinary work to the audience. 
      Creative Agency Profiles on Behance
    • Marka Network
      Marka Network is another one of the best design agencies on Behance. It is a branding and strategy agency that stands out with its design works and helps brands get their unique identity which is loved by all and the Behance profile inspires the designers.
      Creative Agency Profiles on Behance
    • Pete&Tom
      Visit their website or Behance profile and you would know that they do not need to explain how good they are at designing and branding. Pete&Tom have experience of more than 10 years and they are skilled in creating motion graphics and animation videos and websites. Big brands like MTV, Discovery Channel, BBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, etc. trust them for their design.
      Creative Agency Profiles on Behance

      How does Behance help design agencies?

    • Provides them with a large audience
      Behance is the hub of creativity and you get the right audience to make your work reach out to. It provides you with a large group to put your portfolio on display for. 
    • Latest profiles 
      It is regularly updated so you could follow a lot of new profiles and get new ideas from people. You get new goals to work towards.
    • Multi-level following
      When one person follows or comments on your profile, it is displayed on their dashboard which is visible to their followers. It creates a chain and earns you more followers.
    • Good for small businesses and freelancers
      Freelancers and small businesses get an easy way to showcase their work without putting too much effort into first growing their business to a large level.

    Here were some of the best creative agency profiles on Behance showing and inspiring people with their creativity.  If you are a freelance designer or working with an agency, Behance is a really good platform for you to share your creativity and to open growth opportunities for yourself.