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Oct 29, 2020   |   by Aishna Pathak   |    Graphic design

9 Factors To Consider for Designing a Great Logo

9 Factors To Consider for Designing a Great Logo

Your brain can recognize a brand without seeing its name or any other identity, just by its logo the reason for it is that the logo grabs your attention and creates a positive impact on people. It builds a good reputation for your brand in the market. A logo is a very essential part of a business and the most effective factor that makes a brand widely known and recognized. It is the most effective investment that a business could make for building their potential consumers as it creates the first and potentially good impression of the company in front of people. It is the first thing that people will notice about the company and its identity.

Designing a Logo

Customers get attracted to your brand when they first look at your company's logo, therefore, it is important to create it in most appealingly and attractively way. If you simply sell your products by their name, customers might forget about it after some time but the logos can be remembered easily and stays in the minds of the customers. A well-designed logo will make you stand out from the competition. The logo gives your business a professional look which is necessary for the people to show trust in your brand and once they see it again and again, they tend to move towards choosing your brand over other competitors.

Here are the main factors or characteristics that you will observe about an impactful logo:

Factors to consider before designing a Logo

  1. Simplicity
    People do not appreciate things being too flashy or fancy in terms of designing. The logos should have a class and attractiveness and it should deliver your idea in the best possible manner, therefore, the logos cannot be made in way too vibrant designs, colors, and typography. This will only make your logo look too messy and unattractive. 
  2. Unique
    All the great logos have one similarity and that is that they are not at all similar but unique in the way they present themselves and their mother brand. They are not at all similar to any other logo. Logos are to be made after a lot of research and experimenting so that it is one of kind and becomes an inspiration for others.
  3. Scalable
    Logos are printed on multiple places related to business like letterheads, merchandise, packaging, products, etc. A well-designed logo is versatile and scalable which means that they could be used anywhere and will have the same impact everywhere. They are to be carefully designed and tested on all the surfaces they will be printed on and in every color combination that it will be printed with.
  4. Message
    Logos tell a story, vision, and idea of the business. They are designed in such a way that they could depict the message through those letters, pictures, or graphics. All the logos have a message and the best ones are the logos that effectively deliver their ideas to the public. All the famous logos show their hidden message and meaning through their designs.
  5. Appropriate color palette
    Colors have a psychological impact on the moods of people. Every color has a different tone or mood of its own. People are attracted to colors but choosing the right palette is very important. It takes a great deal of understanding of color theory and the color combinations that would go well with each other. The color palette and color combination are wisely chosen by the most iconic and famous logos.
  6. Memorable
    A logo is not a minor detailing in a business, it is the first thing that people will notice about your company and remember it with. It has to create a big impact in a single hit. Logos should be designed in such a way that they can be remembered easily. All the great designs can be recognized easily because of the memorable and excellent design that was done on it.
  7. Timelessness
    All the famous logos could be recognized easily no matter how old they are because of their amazing and timeless design. Logo designing or changing is not done frequently and it lasts for a long time. Designers have to be foresighted and imaginative while creating a logo because something could be impactful now but it might lose its essence later and if this happens with the logo, the reputation of your business will start to take a downfall.
  8. Out-of-the-box
    Designers do not have to stick to some standards, have limits, or play by some rules. They can take their imagination wherever they want and can take as much inspiration as they want before creating the right logo. Restriction and rules ruin a good piece of art, designers have to think outside the box and think like no one else could while designing a logo. Most of the famous logo designs have a very challenging and creative appearance which no one could have thought of.
  9. Targeted
    Logos should always be designed keeping in mind the target consumer group. The impact of a combination of certain typography and colors or pictures won’t have the same impact on all the different consumer groups. Using too many colors for adult brands won’t have the same impact as using them for the kids’ brand. Most of the famous brands have the perfect logo design chosen for their consumer group.

Designing takes a lot of efforts and brainstorming. It is a long term investment and cannot be changed frequently, therefore, it has to be made by being futuristic and foresighted. Logos can build as well as drop your reputation and therefore you need to take the proper time and a lot of experimenting before choosing the final logo for your business.