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Ui/Ux design trends 2020

Ui/Ux design trends 2020


ui ux design trends

ui/ux design trends 2020 The journey of art is limitless and ever-changing. Every decade brings unique trends that are just fantastic to work upon. Consistent technological growth and advancement which is happening every day give people new opportunities and tools to experiment with their ideas and creativity. People grow, learn and develop new ideas for the better presentation of the art that enhances UI and UX in the digital world. Here are some of the 2020’s ui and ux trends that changed the way people now experience digital art.

why ui/ux design plays an important role in 2020

when we decide to make a brand for our business so why would we go easy about ui/ux design trends 2020. as a business owner this is very important to analyze the competitive and latest trends in your niche then only you can get better clients and results and these results come along with better interpretation and a good form of structure.

Frank Chimero- Designer.

Technology changes rapidly and so does the design trends. Rather the creative design trends have to be in sync with the ever-changing rapidly changing technology. It’s because it’s all the universal norms of designing psychology and what the whole product is being brought to the table as a whole.

ui design trends

So what are the changing ui/ux design trends which are going to storm in the year 2020?

user interface design

Impactful browsers

Browsers are not the just the only means to run a search engine on the net but also the means to deliver the impact. They need to be more powerful, attractive user interface design and fast and need to be quick in terms of search value. Increases in the speed can also lead to a better streamlining of the website which leads to the bridging of the gap between the design and reality.

More flat is the new flat

Flat design is the new design trends of ui/ux it is also capable of creating new and unique life-like creative projects. This concept is more or less limited to the 3D concept but now it is more into the new flat graphic concept. It is all about the shadow, lighting and reflections.

Making use of proper gradients

Gradients are no longer used for just the impression but also how they bring the required depth and dimension to the entire design structure. However, creating the colors depends on the different types of clients and what is your area of expertise. However, you have to keep in mind what kind of colors you use.

Using the right kind of variable fonts

Using variable fonts is also the way to a great UI/UX design strategy 2020. However, it needs to be seen that you need to change your font strategy. when it expected a design change and according to the various design parameters.

Voice UI’s

They are now becoming new in things and creative designers are mostly focussing on this. However, the process is more into the details of the same and requires more of the writing. The building of the context, streamlining of the data and the actual design. It is more of a deeper knowledge of the voice of UI from the plain visual aesthetic of the design.  

user experience  

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 These are some important points which mainly used in ui design trends 2020

  • Animated Illustrations
  • Bold Typography
  • Voice User Interface
  • 3D Graphics
  • Virtual Reality
  • Harmonious colors
  • Micro Interactions
  • Asymmetrical layouts
  • Human writing
  • Dark theme
  • Story Telling
  • Minimalism

Animated Illustrations

 Animations give life to your concepts and ideas that you are trying to tell the audience in a very attractive and engaging manner. ui/ux design is a Bigger and most complex topics or ideas can be explained with ease and with more impact using videos and animations. The human brain is automatically attracted to animated videos because they are psychologically appealing. It avoids the clutter of words which is too tiresome for people to read and sums up the idea in limited visuals making it more impactful and interactive. And to sum up, animations are affordable and cost-effective when it comes to production.

Bold Typography

 Remember ignoring the terms and conditions of any website or document written in tiny letters that we don’t consider as important? The human brain is often ignorant of the things that require a little more concentration than others and therefore when there is anything written in bold letters along with attractive fonts, colors, and background, it attracts and stays in the minds of people for long and eventually strengthens your brand’s identity recently the 2020 trends of ui and ux design is performing very high.

Voice User Interface

 The screen fatigue is becoming a concern for people now and tech giants like Amazon, Google, Apple have brought in the market and are still developing the Voice User Interface devices that are helping in enhancing the user experience. It works on the demands and commands of the speakers without the users necessarily being in front or in contact with the screen which saves a lot of time and effort of the users.

3D Graphics

 3D Graphics are becoming very popular in UI and UX designing as they provide enhanced visualization. Users can experience a deeper understanding and take a better look at an object in 3D which was otherwise not possible in 2D. The user or viewers can physically see how an object will look from all the sides and through specialized software users can even walk through the designs which enhances the UX through Combinations of moving designs, colors, texts and pictures in a very attractive and interactive way.

Virtual Reality

 and Augmented Reality Virtual and Augmented reality brings designs to life. Through VR types of equipment, users can see three-dimensional pictures and videos that will give them the experience of standing within the picture and not just seeing it on the page. AR brings the designs, pictures or videos out of the screen into the real world and people can experience physical interaction with the technology.

Harmonious colors

 Colors affect human psychology and therefore choosing the right combination of colors is very important when it comes to designing. The color combinations that are chosen depend upon the website and the target group. For example, the youth-oriented websites usually have bold colors and the websites that are for children usually have a combination of lighter colors.

Micro Interactions

 Micro-interactions are present all over the web pages, on our devices and within the apps. Their main purpose is to please the viewers and engage their attention toward the page. These are tiny but very important details in a bigger design. From pressing the Youtube’s play button, sliding down the screen to refresh a page, double-tap to like button on Instagram, etc., every small, delightful and interactive designing details are part of Micro-interactions. It is a form of feedback to the users and thus it makes the user feel acknowledged and appreciative of the design.

Asymmetrical layouts

 Sometimes when people are busy looking for perfection, it is often found lying in imperfections instead. Asymmetrical layouts are trending in designing because of the creative and out of the box presentation of graphics, pictures, and designs. Here random placing of elements doesn’t work and users’ needs and attractiveness of the page are to be taken care of before using asymmetrical layouts.

Human writing

 Mere designs are not enough when the content created is weak. Human writing is a crucial and trending activity in designing which requires very creative writing professionals for content development. Entertainment industries use scriptwriters, advertisers have copywriters, UX writers are coming up as a very important part of designing and promotional companies.

Dark theme

 Presenting visual aesthetics to attract people is the priority in the field of designing. Using darker themes and light typography has become a trend and has changed the way people like seeing the content and design. It highlights the important content written in lighter shades and is eye-friendly because content can be seen with low brightness. Darker themes are even used as a smartphone feature nowadays as it saves battery life and is soft to the eyes of the viewers.

ui and ux

Story Telling

 Storytelling is the newest trend in the world of ui designing. It includes music, voice, images, videos, and graphics that make the work more attractive and interactive. Data is presented in visuals, turning information into a piece of art. Stories stay in our minds for long and using it increases the chances of the viewers remembering and understanding the concept. Visual storytelling gives brands new and better options for brand promotion. The use of AV/ VR increases brand value and helps ineffective marketing.


 A lot of times extravagant and excessive artwork loses the interest of viewers toward the content because it becomes burdensome for the brain to understand and focus on something of importance in that big clutter. The minimalist design is trending because of its eye-pleasing presentation of content using the typography, elements, colors, and pictures with a simple appearance. these major ui design trends are very valuable for your business The content has a clarity which grabs the attention of viewers. It even avoids using decorative non-functional elements keeping the focus of viewers only on what is important.