Sep 30, 2020   |   by Niddhi Bhangdia   |    UI & UX Design

5 Things To Know About Social Media To Grow Your Business

The Power and Influence of Social Media

Social media has over the years become a powerful disruptive force for the advertising world. Those days are gone when only firms with high capitals could reach millions of folks across the world through different advertising media. Today, even small new start-ups business with an inspired product can leverage social media to focus on customers all across the globe and on a meager budget. For creatives, like those in music and different arts, social media has unfolded a world of high opportunities. If you are a creative gun and desired to use the power of social media, here are those three things you should know about social media marketing for creatives.

1. Consistency is the key to success.

If you are a creative designer, you have to be consistent in posting your work on social media. Being consistent on social media allows you to grow your reach and engagement with your audience. Being consistent is the key to success since consistency leads to habits. Your audience will form a habit of your post and if your content is good they will actually wait for your post to turn up. Habits lead to actions. The audience with whom you're interacting with someday will be your potential customers. So, The bottom line is that you shouldn’t go quiet and disappear from social media, unless you're at the highest levels, the degree of individuals like celebrities.


2. Choose a platform that will resonate with your Work.

A social media platform doesn’t have the constant result, due to multiple factors, key among them being demographics. As an example, if you're a musician or a sportsperson, you may choose Instagram as a platform to interact with your followers because Instagram is a site where demographics that's into fun activities spend their social media time. However, if you're into entrepreneurship or technical IT firm that relates to technology & Business, then LinkedIn will be quite powerful as a platform for reaching them. The key to success is to find out a platform that resonates best along with your audience then market there sharply. Marketing, during this case, doesn’t simply mean sending out information that's making an attempt to get a lot of viewers however to interact more deeply with them.  

Resonate your Work

3. Post relevant content.

Social media is a lot more than the medium for just sharing random content. You need to have fun with it, to draw in viewers and subscribers. However, that fun must have a strategy planned for it. If you are handling your business on social media then you must post relevant content about your business. Relevant content will lead to engagement and if your followers like your work then that might end up cracking yourself a business deal through social media.

Resonates your work

4. Advertising on Social Media

You can grow your business organically or inorganically. Organic growth means having lot of patience within you. If you want to grow your brand you need to try Social Media Marketing. It offers you a variety of options to grow your business like Brand Awareness, Website Traffic, Boost Online Sales, Reach, Lead Generation, and many more. Depending upon your target goal, you can develop a strategy that will give you the maximum ROI on which you have spent on Social Media.

Advertising on Social Media

5. Interact with your followers on Social Media

Social Media is not made up of just posting random pictures and getting up likes. It's meant for more meaningful conversations. When you interact with your followers then you might get an idea about what they are actually expecting from you and then you can create content related to those topics. Apparently, as per one survey, 150 Million people per month have a conversation with a business through Instagram's DM. Now that's a huge number. You might never know you can crack a deal for yourself through interaction. Try that out!

Interact with Followers on Social Media

Social Media is a very powerful platform to market your products, services, learnings, and influence people. You can get business from Social Media if you strategize content properly and make use out of it wisely.