Web design- Where logic meets creativity

Web designing is easy only if you learn it at the proper place and in a proper way, the main point is whether you are getting it learned systematically and in a professional way so that you gain all the latest insights. But only learning for the sake of it just won’t do. You have to be a self-starter and a motivator to effectively learn web design. Today, there are numerous courses available and you have to identify the best out of them considering which will be helpful for you in the long run as a career in web designing.


We throw some light on the web designing industry in India-

The future of web designing is booming. More and more It infrastructure and support are increasing and so the web designing industry is thriving like never before.

The best cities in India are the metro cities and are tier 1 and the tier 2cities.

Some of the major cities are-

  • Mumbai
  • Pune
  • Bangalore
  • Delhi
  • Amravati
  • Chandigarh
  • Hyderabad

city-job-courseThe different jobs which you can take in web designing are

  • Web designer
  • Web developer
  • UX developer
  • UI developer
  • UI designer
  • Senior web analyst
  • Web marketing analyst

 If you are a beginner then the basic websites from where you can learn are

A successful website does three things

good things-about-website

  • Attracts the right kind of visitors/leads/audiences
  • Guides them or equips them with the relevant information
  • Collects the details if at all the person wants to continue with the further process.

So the above points must have been clear enough to understand that what does exactly a website stands for.

However, it is not that easy as to how it looks or rather cannot be simply summed up in these 3 simple points.

What exactly is web design?

In simple words, it refers to the designs of the websites which are displayed on the internet.

It is a combination of user experience and the various different aspects of software development.

A web designer typically works on the various aspects of initiating a website. A good web design should be aesthetically pleasing and also should follow the basic design elements. Only then it will turn out to be an overall good a professional web design.

It is also the process of planning, conceptualizing and aiming for the best whenever you plan to design a website. It is also knowing the basics of HTML and CSS and also. This is essential as you have to design the exact number of pages and you should be aware of that.

The next comes in choosing the essential web design templates and also understanding which one will work the best for you.

We will deal with the other points in detail in a later part of the blog in the next section.

It is, however, a lot tricky and challenging to design a website than how it simply looks as to how it should be.

There are a lot of elements one has to take into account while designing a website.

Viewing-a-websiteThey are-

  •  Overall visual appearance
  • Color combination
  • The navigation
  • Information/ content which you will be providing.
  • Functional design.


It is a lot about planning, conceptualizing, discussing and finally implanting the same when the time comes.

As a career in web designing for the future in India, there is immense scope as every company whether big or small, medium or large today requires a website. So you see the need for good web designers is going to keep on increasing. Also, this kind of trend will also give rise to a lot of freelance web designers.

The best of working freelance is that you have your own free time, have no schedule per say and can work in the comfort of your own home.

However with the increasing competition, as a web designer, you need to up your game as the demand for designing is going to keep on increasing.

Simultaneously there are also different kinds of web designing courses available in India where you can do them while completing your graduation and can immediately land you a job.

There are

  • Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Bachelors Degree courses.

You need to choose them according to your career calling and at the same time your needs and interests.

The typical skills which are required to thrive as a professional in this field are


  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Time management
  • Teamwork
  • Patience
  • A technical know-how
  • Client handling
  • Basic computer knowledge

Web design typically should be-

website -designing

  • Functional
  • Professional
  • It should have a brand value
  • Engaging
  • Should have an overall accessibility

However, as layman how can you begin with designing the website or rather how can you gain knowledge about designing the website?

In this section we deal with all the basic points you need to deal with while understanding how does design actually work.

A simple underlying theory is that on the web, whatever you create it should be visually very pleasing and should impress your audience like no other.

There are two main elements which deal while designing from a website and that is


  • Responsive

  • Adaptive

Both of them should be understood by the designer.

  • So firstly understand what kind of a website do you want it to be?
  • Do you want it simple or more of complex designs?
  • Do you want more content and texts on it want to make it as a visual?
  • What kind of a business or service you are having?

A lot of the designing part of the website also depends on how you have to design the actual website.

  • A website is a combination of the design elements


Before understanding how a website works, you need to understand that a website is a combination of the various design elements clubbed together.

They typically are-

  • Visual elements
  • The overall layout
  • The Shapes
  • The Spacing among the images and the content.
  • Videos

These are all the basic design elements which you should take into account while designing a website.

The typical process which involves while designing a website is mentioned below. of course, it differs from person to person and from designer to designer.

They are –

  • Information gathering
  • Effective planning
  • Designing and development
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

We deal with these points later in detail in the next part of this blog.

Which are the common points to be decided while designing a website?

  • Wireframing

Before embarking on the journey of web design, you should know how to wireframe a particular website or the one which is suitable for you.


It serves as a visual guide to the overall and the final appearance of the website.

These are the things which are to be included in a wireframe-

    • Graphical elements
    • Taglines and heading and the sub-headings which you are going to include in them.
    • Text blocks

Wireframing can be done by using adequate tools but at the same time, it can be done by using a pen and paper also which can be relatively easy.

  • Design for the user’s attention

You have to keep in mind that whenever you are designing for a website you should remember that your audience is the main person who is going to be the best judge of your website So your initial focus has to be on how are you designing your website overall.

Also, you have to keep in mind that simply nothing escapes the human eye especially the designs and the overall web patters.

So keep in minds that who all are your target audience and design for them accordingly.

  • Text is important-

As much as designing is important and so are the different elements of design, a good and relevant text is also important as your audience can get the required information.

So overcrowded information is simply a big no and you should know of providing the right and the most important information at all costs.

  • Opt for simplicity-

There is certainly not a compulsion as to make your website an extremely tacky or a design overdoes website.

The simpler it is, the more it is going to work in your favor. A simple design should be the main aim of your website design.

A complex design will make things extremely difficult for the audience and so there are chances that you will be increasing the bounce rates.

You also need to have a basic idea of the different web design tools which you will need for web designing-


Web design is all about visual interaction. So you need to have a good and fair idea about what the entire visual scenario is all about.

Learning Photoshop has all the nuances of the different categories of web designing. It is also a good tool for designing UI.

It is like you need to have this kind of web design tool which is important and for the one who wants to become a web designer.

It is a visual development tool especially for professional web designers to create awesome web pages across cross platforms and which will work across different browsers.

What all can you do with dream weaver?

    • Design
    • Code
    • Manage websites

All this can be easily managed if you master what is dream weaver all about.


  • A unique typeface will make all the difference
  • Good graphics and visual images are extremely important.
  • Use colors which are suitable for your product or the service
  • Talk about the different benefits and the features
  • There will be times where you will get stuck so at such times you have to look for further information and keep on looking for positive work.

As a common man seeking for inspiration, it can be found out almost anywhere if you have the willingness to learn and grasp the nuances. You only need to have the required capacity and the zest to learn something new and imbibe that learning when you finally put it to practice.