“Design is intelligence made visible”

                                                                     Alina Wheeler, author.

After a highly creative 2018, it is time to look at new and current design trends of the year 2019. It is time to unleash our visionary insights to recreate a simply stunning visual canvas out there and make a difference through design.

Are you ready for the transformation?

We take a look at the upcoming design trends in 2019-

Custom made illustrations


  • Custom made illustrations is the new and rising trend in the year 2019.
  • Plus it also has the capacity to convert almost 7 times more than the normal or the regular illustrations.
  • Unique representations along with bold and bright colors are the way to go and which will definitely be an asset to your business.

Bold colors


  • If you want to generate leads then you should be really opting for bold colors in your design.
  • Colors which will reflect your true persona and will make a good impact on your overall design flow.

Strong typo


  • Bold and strong typos have a distinct advantage.
  • They are easily readable from a distance and can be read on any types of social media feeds.
  • Be it a mobile, laptop or a tab. At the same time, it also grabs the reader’s attention within seconds.
  • It complements the other design elements also. This is also an upcoming graphic design trend for the year 2019.

Rise of the 3D 

  • Yes, there will be a significant rise in 3D designing, but do not worry, you need not put on your glasses to view any kind of design.
  • The latest and modern techniques are available at your disposal to design in a 3D way.
  • Not just it is the design trend of the year 2019, but it is simply going to get bigger and better with people preferring modern designs with a dash of a 3D element in it.

Rise- of -3D

We take look at the uses of a 3D design 

  • It helps in clear object viewing
  • Better display of dimensionality of the products
  • It can make the object look more tangible
  • It is a futuristic design which will be heavily used by apps and other upcoming design models.

Natural is the way to go! 

  • Nothing beats a natural looking photo especially the one with real emotions and expressions.
  • This trend is soon going to catch up along with some simply awesome backgrounds.
  • These photos are the ones which are not actually natural but as a talented designer, you have to create that magic on your canvas to make it look natural.

Gradients are back and how! 

Gradient -design

  • Gradients were a huge trend back in the year 2017, but now things are getting bigger and better.
  • And now the functions also have altogether have been changed, instead of now being only a mix and match entity it is now a perfect mixture of blending seamlessly to create a more dimensional appearance.
  • The aim is to focus on a more vivid spectrum and also create an overall bright appearance. Warm color tones with an airbrush effect will create the desired goal, and will also make for the perfect way of experimenting with the various trends.

Rise of the motion graphics- 


  • Who does not like motion graphics?
  • They are the most viewed on the internet and can also generate the required leads as and when you want it to be.
  • Motion graphics are also useful for brand positioning and to help elevate the brand to the next level.
  • An audience can get well connected more and has the ability to convert into a lead ten times more.

Asymmetrical layouts with no fixed patterns- 



  • The more asymmetrical it is the better. The theory goes by the fact that more the layouts asymmetrical the more it builds the curiosity among the audience.
  • There is a new trend among the designers to not get confined to the old way of design thinking.
  • Now designers are working on the patterns which do not offer a fixed grid and are confined to how you should design in a particular way. This is also one of the graphic design trends for the year 2019.
  • This increases the curiosity among the users as to what are we going to finally see on the web which is overall a very great feature.

Less is more- Minimalistic designs 


  • The less you present to the world in terms of designs the more impact it is going to make.
  • Minimalistic designs always have had a place in the design scenario and professional graphic designers always prefer less design as it always looks more professional as compared to any other design.
  • However, to minimalism, designers have started adding interesting elements such as strokes, splashes and detailed doodles to bring in a spark to the overall design.

Distorted effects in photography

Distorted-effects-photographyPhotography is interesting but a run of the mill photography is extremely boring and will not generate the required interest. A blend of various photography trends will do the trick as photography plays a huge part in the design.

Effects in photography will ensure the following-

Better user experience for the users overall

  • Stunning visual effects.
  • Due to the rapidness of the photographic images, stock photos are losing steam as they are becoming more and more repetitive and people now no longer want to use them.

Metallic’s are in-

Metallics are gaining importance due to various reasons-


  • They look royal and grand
  • Give a lustrous appearance
  • They work not only on the digital canvas but also on the print and the packaging industry as well.

Geometric shapes-

  • You must be remembering the geometric shapes which you drew in school.
  • Well if you are a graphic designer then this knowledge of yours will surely come handy if you are applying it anytime. They give a new amount of playfulness and creativity to your overall design.

Tell stories through your illustrations-

  • It is a great time to tell stories of your brand through illustrations, and who better can do this than a designer?
  • Also as a designer, it should be remembered that it should not be simply for the sake of it, your brand and all its contents should literally come alive through your storytelling and should engage the audience no matter what. The digital world is completely changing and people are embracing new brand stories.
  • It is liked by them like never before so as a designer it is in the hands of the new age designer that you need to up your game and thinks about the new and improved solutions for the digital world.

Single page and long scroll outs- 


  • Yes, single page long scroll outs are very much the in trend and will continue to stay for the year 2019.
  • Mobile and tab screens will further add to the single page and long scroll outs.

How can you design for a long scroll out screen?

    • Use card style elements
    • Ensure a structured content
    • Research before embarking on any kind of design
    • And most importantly, understand what does your customer and client wants.

You should be able to understand what and how all this works so that you get the design just perfect.

Animated shapes and blobs-

Animated- shapes- blobs

  • Animated shapes and bobs are something which is liked by everyone.
  • It ups your design quotient in terms of likability.
  • You can anyhow the design of the blobs according to your requirements and keeping in mind the various design elements.
  • But keep in mind also at the same time they should not be boring and have a run of the mill design.
  • Animated graphics are also much appreciated for the audience.
  • These kinds of designs are used nowadays a lot of time by start-ups and small design companies.

Less navigation 

  • Imagine wandering aimlessly on a road and then suddenly losing track of where were you going? It would be terrible right?
  • This is the similar case when there is too much of navigation on the website, may confuse the user altogether and it may be very difficult for the people to navigate and understand the website.
  • Keep your navigation simple and to the point.

Keep it simple 

  • Over-crowding of bold colors, too much of designs, too much use of over the top typography will surely make it a big no.
  • Information overload is surely a tough task altogether and it is difficult for you to understand. The best way to communicate via the design tool is to keep it extremely simple and sophisticated to convey your message aptly to the world.

Trending colors- 


  • 2019 is the year of the most amazing and exciting colors on board and to use them in your graphics, web or print media solutions.
  • Colors are important as they shape almost everything, right from how the design looks to the overall emotions of your audiences.

We take a look at the trending colors for the year 2019-


Coral has been the in color in the year 2019. It evokes a sense of calm and tranquility in the onlooker’s mind and provides a sense of sophistication. For e.g. – Apple has already adopted this color for its mobile applications and there is more to come.

Lime green-

It is now becoming the all-time favorite of the design community and at the same time, they have a universal appeal. Based on the worldwide research, it has been found out that Lime green is the most widely used color in all the designing elements is it print or the graphics.

Earth Tones-

If you are looking for a perfect blend of soft colors, then the earth tones are the way to go and at the same time a more natural approach to design.

Earth tones are going to be the reigning trend for the rest of 2019.


The color gold stands for luxury, opulence and also royalty and wealth. But for time and again it has been a staple color in design and it is going to continue for the coming years.

However, as a designer be careful of not going overboard with the color gold as it can backfire badly. Also, use it cleverly when there is an absolute use of what else it can end up making the whole design look tacky and out of date.

The benefits of using gold are-

    • It will catch the audience’s attention.
    • It will add warmth to your designs
    • It will add an overall rich look and feel

On a concluding note-

It is very important that as a designer you need to know the upcoming and the latest design trends in the market. Trends come and go and change rapidly so you should be well aware of the changing design know-how and also at the same time how to apply them in your design whether it is print, digital or any other.