May 29, 2020   |   by Niddhi Bhangdia   |    Social media

Why Do You Need Social Media For Business?

Social Media For Business
The time has changed completely in the last few years. The world has experienced a new digital era and social media has played an important role in Digitalization. Businesses are coming up with trends and tricks to engage their audience with their product. No wonder, there are more than 3 billion people right now using social networks across the globe so promoting your business on Social media was not such a wonder to believe.

Need of Social Media for business

If you are one of those businesses who do not take advantage of social media then you’re probably missing out on a fast, inexpensive, and effective way to reach out to your audience residing in any part of the world. Let’s take a look at the ways how social media has benefited businesses to connect, engage, and grow their audience and customer base:

  1. Build Brand Awareness-
    For people to be your customer and buy products from your website they must first know about your business. They must have all the details of your products/services that you offer. Social media can help you boost your visibility on various platforms among your potential customers. And the best part is creating a social media account is absolutely free so you have nothing to lose.

    For example- If you tweet one interesting image then there might be chances people like it and retweet themselves. You just have to find the right platform to interact with your audience.

    Build Brand Awareness
  2. Increase website traffic-
    If your audience finds your product interesting enough there are high chances of him/her to visit your website to buy that product. The key factor in converting any client after bringing down to your website is keeping the content relevant. Posting pictures of social media must resemble your actual product picture. If there is no relevance people are going to criticize your product on social media.

    You can also bring traffic to your blogs from social media. How? Well, choose an interesting blog topic that your audience will connect with and post a short intriguing story on social media. So if they like it then they will definitely visit your website to read the complete blog. Basically, you need to post great content and get the attention of your audience to drive traffic to your website.

  3. Generate Leads-
    Social media offers an easy way for potential customers to express their interest in your business and products. Lead generation is one of the most important benefits you can actually get by offering advertising formats that are specifically designed to collect leads.

    For example- If you’re a builder and you want to get contact information of people who are willing to buy a property in any particular area. So by using lead generation forms genuine buyers will fill out their contact information in the form which you can use further to contact them about their requirements. This trick is definitely better than cold calling your clients. Isn’t it?

    Generate Leads
  4. Being Authentic
    If you are posting corporate and professional images on Instagram that won’t work because Instagram is a platform meant for funny, meme content. People visit Instagram to light-hearted content so you need to design content that the audience will relate to. It completely depends on your brand. Set up your tone on Instagram whether it be casual, funny, formal, or friendly, and check out how your audience reacts to it.

    You can also take the help of influencers for promoting your products on social media. How is influencer marketing and being authentic related? Well, if you showcase that real people are using your products and promoting it after they all love it then that would definitely create some trust among your audience. Influencers are those people who people love and follow so you can take advantage of their fan following for your promotions.

  5. Go Viral
    Viral Marketing, Moment Marketing are some of the terms which are used nowadays by many marketers to promote their businesses. Basically viral marketing is creating a unique and hit content that people will start liking within minutes and automatically start promoting it. It can be anything from a meme, emotional story to any particular video or quote. As people start sharing your content on their wall, their network also follows suit. Some more people will engage with the content and share it with their network and this way your content will spread across the internet making it viral. Isn’t it interesting?

    Viral Marketing
  6. Reputation Management
    A person who is in business might know this fact for sure that one negative comment on your product can be so harmful to your business. To be in a business for long term you need to maintain your company’s reputation across all platforms- physical or digital or you might lose potential customers.

    By maintaining a strong presence on social media and solving your customers’ problems can help you build a reputation across all platforms. You must respond quickly to the queries of your customers. When a customer is satisfied with your services he/she will portray your business in a positive way and can bring 10 more potential customers to you. So think about it!

  7. Every Penny Matters
    Every social media platform has the option of advertising your products on the basis of your end goal. You get an option of advertising according to your intent. If you want to boost sales, generate leads, bring traffic then you can set your campaign that way. Make sure to select the right platform and target the right people then only you will get the expected results.

    Social Media Marketing is inexpensive as considered to Traditional ways of marketing. 
    Nowadays, almost everyone is on social media so you get a platform where you have access to billions of people to market your product. So instead of investing money in traditional marketing, you can find out cheaper ways to display your ads.
    Save Money on Social Media Marketing

These were some benefits of taking up your business on Social Media. If you’re a small business and looking for someone who can handle your social media account, don’t worry. You can email us with your requirements and we can help you out with your queries.