Just for a minute or, two think that can you so away with not having to have a social media for business.

Before we go any further let us study some of the statistics-

  • According to marketers, there is a significant increase in business if you have social media for your business.

  • Almost there is an overall 89% of business increase

  • 86% of marketers feel that social media is important for the business.

Can you really do away with not having a social media account for your business?


Well, in today’s online world you cannot even dream of having such a thought as it would really cost you like anything.

Below we mention some of the top reasons to own a social media account for your business-

All your customers are online-

Today almost everyone is online. Be it for personal uses, professional or any other group uses. There is absolutely no person who is not online. So it only makes sense that even you should be online to promote and so that people get to know about your business.

As a potential business entity, you should be able to interact with your customers which can only happen online.

Good platform to promote business and services-

Social media is an extremely good platform to promote the different services through which your clients can get to know who you are.

Increased brand awareness-

What is a brand? People know about your business and products and prefer your services over them, are actually called a brand.

So having an online presence is a good way of establishing your own brand image. It is a great way of making your presence felt strongly online.

Good for the SEO rank-

An on-point social media presence will increase the SEO rankings and also make it possible for fresh and new content to rank online. Overall your business will also get a boost the SEO rankings.

It is good for a relevant audience-

Finding a good and relevant audience can be one of the top reasons to be online as it will establish your presence and make you a known brand.

Finding like-minded people is always good for your brand.

Increase digital exposure-

Digital presence has numerous benefits. Because it gives you worldwide access and makes you a known face and It also provides a much-needed business ranking. Having social media for business surely increase your sale and your online presence within the customers.

Retains confidence in the people-

With social media for business, there is a personalized approach to everything and raises the confidence of the people around.

People know that you are online and they build up confidence in you, so you will find an immense number of opportunities when you are on social media. If you keep on creating consistent content which is in sync with the current marketing standards, then it is your perfect gateway for good content marketing and online strategy.

Having an online presence serves the very purpose of building a good sales funnel and having immense business strategies online.

It is a good way of building trust and forming a firm footing with the people and your potential clients.

But there is also more.

You can always start by building a low profile and start small. There is absolutely no need for making it big and having a huge presence in the beginning only as it is absolutely not necessary.