Social media is a big influencer today. It has almost entered our daily lives and it is a huge part of our interactive lives today.

Almost every business and entity today, uses social media for its business growth and the eventual success of the business.

SO can the most important event in India such as the Lok Sabha polls be left behind?

Social media could also play a very decisive role in leveraging the impact of choosing the right candidate and making correct use of social media.

You could also say that technology could almost occupy a central stage in this year’s Lok Sabha polls as voting may affect that various components seriously.

The traditional means are slowly fading away but not all is lost and they are rapidly being replaced by the new technology.

What is the overall impact of the elections on the social media?

  • It has given rise to the young voters
  • People are now much more aware of the various election campaigns and the information.
  • Information about the different political parties is readily available for the people to look up and decide whom they want to vote.
  • The total enthusiasm is forever increasing and soon people are realizing the importance of the power of the social media
  • Bodies such as the Election commission are using social media also in a positive way and are willing to give an edge over the upcoming elections.

Also another advantage is that there is enough space to check the social media profiles of the different candidate which is proof enough to decide whether they should vote in the upcoming elections or not.

The Hash tags also add a different feel and outlook to the overall election fervour and have a positive approach definitely.