You have made an awesome website. The images are great and so is the information you need to give it to your audience.

You have a great portfolio showcasing some of your best products and also providing the required call to action.

But in spite of all these things, there is one major problem you are facing and that is –

You are not getting the required traffic.

Have you ever wondered why? What can be the reason for this? Have you tried to research certain factors on the same?

It is probably that you require a new website or rather to be precise a new website revamp.

So what are the different signs that you require a new website?

It is not appealing to the eye-

A website is like a gateway to your business. People get to create the first impressions about your products or services through the website.

So if in any chance the overall website look is not appealing then no wonder people would not like to come to your website. So you probably need a website to revamp.

Your Google ranking is low-

Just imagine would you browse the fifth or the sixth page of the Google pages and would have the patience to read all the information which you are also not sure of? Certainly not! An audience would prefer reading information only to those websites which can be easily found and that is on the first pages of Google.

So it is time to work on the overall SEO strategy of the website.

The conversion rate is low-

Conversions matter for a website. They are like the obvious results one would want as it is one of the main purposes of the website.

If you are not generating leads via your website then re-think your overall strategy. Low conversion rate means the bounce rate is also high making it very difficult for the business owners to maintain the overall website traffic.

It is not responsive-

No website today cannot imagine being not responsive. You browse it on the mobile, on the laptop, on the desktop and also on any other screens. So if a person cannot browse on the mobile screen then probably the bounce rate will be much higher.

Some other reasons are-

  • Your website is not having an HTTPS certificate.
  • The industry parameters have changed.
  • The business has changed or diversified
  • You need a complete revamp strategy overall
  • The site is not loading fast
  • An SEO strategy is not on point and people do not find the right keywords.