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Oct 08, 2020   |   by Aishna Pathak   |    Social media

UX designing or User Experience designing is one of the most important elements of creative digital designing. Websites and applications are not just about providing information; they create an impression of your business or brand in front of people. There is a huge competition in the market and the most innovative and creative brands survive. So, if your website or application is not creative and attractive enough for people, they will not have trust in your business or brand and you will eventually lose hold of the market. You have to reflect your brand’s creativity and quality in everything related to your brand be it branding or your business’ online platform. 
Role of Creativity in UX Designing

UX is the process designing that focuses on creating a website that is interactive, easy to use, and very attractive. When you scroll through the website or application, the transition of the pages, notification, clicks, chatbox pop-ups, etc. are all part of UX designing that people skip noticing but it doubles the attractiveness of any website. It is designing people's experience on the website and it should not be a bad one. UX designing includes enhancing the usability, efficiency, and attractiveness of your website. 

Why Creativity in UX Designing Matters

  1. Building Trust and increasing customers
    A well-designed website or application is attractive to look at and the effort and creativity that you show through your designs will create trust in people towards your brand. Once you create a good impression through well-designed UX, people will stay and look at the information that you are trying to show them.
  2. Knowing your audience
    UX designing process includes researching and analyzing the market, audience, and the things they need or expect when they look at the website, it helps you in understanding your audience and you could then make the right changes or design on your website or application.
  3. Increases traffic and Improves SEO
    When you have a well-designed and creative UX, people will be attracted to look at the information that you are trying to give them, it will reduce the bounce-back rate and eventually increase the SEO of your website which is necessary for bringing your website on the front page of search results.
  4. Creates a good reputation
    And of course, it creates a good reputation for your brand or business in front of people. When they like your work they appreciate it and talk about it with people which promotes your business or brand further.

Elements that are creative in UX Designing

  1. Organized information structure
    There are various things and information present on the website and people should be able to easily surf through that information. The information must be properly organized and labeled so that it can be easily located and could be better understood by the users.
  2. Focus on interaction
    User experience focuses on making the website or application more attractive by not just putting graphics or information on the website, but making it interactive and fun to use for the people. Customer feedback, comments, chatbox, the sound the clicks make, voice assistant, etc. are all part of the interaction tool.
  3. Usability with designing
    You cannot just put the random graphics and designs to make your website or web application look attractive, it must be easy to use and understandable too. Some graphics and icons could be confusing for people to understand and this may result in bounce-back rates.
  4. Appealing visuals
    The most important thing for any website or application is to be attractive and appealing. People will only read the information that you are trying to tell people when the visuals are appealing. 

Creativity in UX designing is presented uniquely by all the designers, here are some of the trends that are part or 2020’s UX designing.
UX Designing Trends 2020

  1. Animated Illustrations
    Animations give life to your concepts and ideas that you are trying to tell the audience in a very attractive and engaging manner. Bigger and most complex topics or ideas can be explained with ease and with more impact using videos and animations. The human brain is automatically attracted to animated videos because they are psychologically appealing. It avoids the clutter of words which is too tiresome for people to read and sums up the idea in limited visuals making it more impactful and interactive. Animations are affordable and cost-effective when it comes to production.
  2. Voice User Interface
    The screen fatigue is becoming a concern for people now and tech giants like Amazon, Google, Apple have brought in the market and are still developing the Voice User Interface devices that are helping in enhancing the user experience. It works on the demands and commands of the speakers without the users necessarily being in front or in contact with the screen which saves a lot of time and effort of the users.
  3. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
    Virtual and Augmented reality brings designs to life. Through VR equipment users can see three-dimensional pictures and videos that will give them the experience of standing within the picture and not just seeing it on the page. AR brings the designs, pictures, or videos out of the screen into the real world and people can experience physical interaction with the technology.  
  4. Micro Interactions
    Micro-interactions are present all over the web pages, on our devices, and within the apps. Their main purpose is to please the viewers and engage their attention toward the page. These are tiny but very important details in a bigger design.  From pressing the Youtube’s play button, sliding down the screen to refresh a page, double-tap to like button on Instagram, etc., every small, delightful, and interactive designing details are part of Micro-interactions.  It is a form of feedback to the users and thus it makes the user feel acknowledged and appreciative of the design. 

So you know that every small detail matters in designing a website or a web application and UX designing plays a major role in it. Creativity is the key to earn a big part of the appreciation for your business. To do excellent UX designing, you must know various latest tools that make the work easier for you.