“People ignore design that ignores people”

Frank Chimero- Designer.

Technology changes rapidly and so does the design trends. Rather the design trends have to be in sync with the ever-changing rapidly changing technology. It’s because it’s all the universal norms of designing psychology and what the whole product is being brought to the table as a whole.

So what are the changing UX and UI trends which are going to storm in the year 2019?

Impactful browsers

Browsers are not the just the only means to run a search engine on the net but also the means to deliver the impact. They need to be more powerful, attractive and fast and need to be quick in terms of search value.

Increases in the speed can also lead to a better streamlining of the website which leads to the bridging of the gap between the design and reality.

More flat is the new flat

Flat design is the new design UX and UI trend. Flat design is also capable of creating new and unique lifelike design projects. This concept is more or less limited to the 3D concept but now it is more into the new flat design concept. It is all about the shadow, lightning and the reflections.

Making use of proper gradients

Gradients are no longer used for just the impression but also how they bring the required depth and dimension to the entire design structure. However, creating the colors depends on the different types of clients and what is your area of expertise. However, you have to keep in mind what kind of colors you use.

Using the right kind of variable fonts

Using variable fonts is also the way to a great UI and UX design strategy. However, it needs to be seen that you need to change your font strategy. when it expected a design change and according to the various design parameters.

Voice UI’s

They are now becoming new in things and designers are mostly focussing on this. However, the process is more into the details of the same and requires more of the writing. The building of the context, streamlining of the data and the actual design. It is more of a deeper knowledge of the voice of UI from the plain visual aesthetic of the design.