You have designed a great website that’s fine. But are you considering giving it a makeover? Upgrading your website in the new year can give you a lot of benefits.

Which are the key website trends which should be kept in mind while designing for a new website?

Personalised UX-

UX is only increasing in the coming years and it going to make the designers work like anything. This will automatically increase the conversations and help in increasing the conversion rate also. Personalising the UX can actually make the user feel that you care for them and they can also get the required information on the same. At the same time they can think of using your product or service.

Voice user interface-

Voice use interface is a command where the users can control the voice input on the computer and the devices. It is a new technology but it is slowly catching up fairly well with the advent of Amazon and Alexa.

Content centred UX-

Designs which load faster and give the required information to the user are much favoured by your clients. So the website design should be such that it should grab the user’s attention drastically.

Less is more-

A clean, sophisticated and simple design is a much favoured one among the clients. Along with that the typography on the web is also about to get bigger and bolder and the audience is simply loving it. Combining these both is sure a win-win situation and will help you get to the top.

Make the use of augmented reality-

Augmented reality till now was mostly seen in games and other applications. But now it will also be seen in designing the websites and is soon going to be a healthy trend.

Use of GIF’S and animations-

Using GIF’S and animations will make the website more interactive and will give your website more life making it of interest to the users. Moreover they will also have a lot of interactive options available which will not make anything boring to read.

Chat bots-

Chat bots allows the website users to have any kind of interaction instantly and immediately when they want to. For the businesses it means they can save the money and provide a more cohesive platform.