Content writing is an interesting subject. You get to play with words and present your thoughts in front of your client/customers to leverage your company’s products and services. But is it that simple?

So what are the skills the content writer should actually posses to have an on-point social media strategy?

Let’s check out-

Top Research Skills-

A writer should know where to look for the correct and relevant information also backed with authenticity. Without authentic and researched backed content you will be wandering aimlessly in the world of words.

Where to look for the correct information is also  skill a content writer should posses and is one of the basic requirement also.

Editing skills-

YOU are a good writer, great! But do you know how to present the most important information to your audience? If not, then there is some serious trouble on the cards. Too much of over-loaded information will make it boring and uninteresting for your audience and they may lose interest in reading altogether..

Time management-

Good content takes time, but it should be a calculated time. You cannot keep on writing, not keeping any track of time. Delivering good quality content in a timely manner is not only professional but also reliable and puts a good impression for the clients.

SEO Check-

Content is all about keeping your best creative foot forward. But it is also about keeping in mind the SEO factor and ever-changing Google algorithm updates. If you are well aware of this fact, then you can stay on the top of your game and your audience will be able to find the best content.

Understanding the TONE of your client

Every client is different. So are their needs. For e.g.-you are writing a blog for a website of a hospital, you need to tone down your writing style and the presentation. It should more be about facts and figures. Similarly, there is another client say a top fashion brand, you simply cannot use the same approach which you used it while writing content for the hospital website. A good content writer will always understand this.


Though the sole work profile of a content writer is working alone he has to at times align the thought processes with the other team members also so that the final product is on point.

Content writing, is a perfect combination of art and science and should be combined in tandem to bring out the best.