“A strong logo is the first step in building a business which conveys your  company’s vision”

Planning to start your own business? Great! We are sure you must have gone into the intricate details and ready to launch your journey into entrepreneurship. But do you know that launching a business is much more than just investment?

After the initial step, there are also next steps which need to be taken in order that your business gets established in the long run? So what are the initial steps towards it?

  • Branding
  • Quality products
  • Referrals
  • Increasing a loyal customer base.

SO which is the first step in getting started to all this?

The first step is planning a logo of your company. A good logo design will get things going for your business and help establish an identity in the market.


Why is a logo important?

  • Establishes your brand image of the company.

Successful branding is all about telling a story, engaging your audience/customers positively and building a loyal customer. Further after establishing a logo, you can use it on your letterheads, business cards, landing pages to create a marketable brand identity. There are various tools where you can make the logo like the logo maker and the logo creator. However  it also depends on the type of product your brand has.


  • A visual canvas is always memorable.

Think about Nike, Mac Donald’s. They all have a simple logo yet one glimpse of it and you instantly understand what it the logo all about. A logo is a pathway of direct identification and instant connect. You do not need to reveal sometimes the name of the company either. Also other factors such as colour, font also comes into the picture. It has an instant positive and recall value and will associate your company name with your logo.


  • Makes you stand out from the competition

Let’s face it. Competition is everywhere! And you have to be constantly on your toes so that you separate yourself from the competition. A good, effective and a creative logo design helps you achieve this. It will help maintain your own personal identity and what different services do you offer with the help of a good logo.


  • Builds a loyal customer base

As your business brand grows, more and more people are going to get to know about your services. So the logo is going to serve as a connect with your new consumers and your previous consumers. Secondly it also builds trust value with your customers.


Making a logo is a vital part establishing your brand image and marketing strategy. An effective  and well-researched graphic design is the first step in achieving this.