A design is not just about what colours do you use, what fonts do you use, how the overall design is arranged and the general look and feel of the output. It’s not just simply about adhering to the design principles but how to deploy them accordingly and use it to the fullest advantage.

Interaction design is all about engaging the user and making your design speak for itself to add a loyal customer base. UX and UI design both go hand in hand and should be a complete strategy making process in the making of the design for your website or any other product.

But then what is exactly UX AND UI and why is it so important?


Better known as user-experience, it is the short form UX. It is the overall user experience which is used on mobiles, laptops and any other form of screens.

While designing a good UX it is important to have a clear understanding of the various applications and what exactly do you expect from it. The aim is to overall ensure a good design strategy and have a good customer experience from it.


The short form for user interface it is mostly used for individual screens, pages, buttons and other visual elements and which in turn can help users communicate with the various customers.

For the UI designers navigation is of utmost importance and goes hand in hand with the way design elements are used.

Why should they be kept in mind while designing?

In today’s fastest growing digital world merely designing a good web design page is not enough. You need to include a lot of elements in it so that the results are positive.

What all problems can one face when you are designing UX and UI?

  • Loading time
  • If the navigation is not correct then the user will not find the specific page.
  • A good landing page
  • The Website is not appealing enough.
  • Should be designed for all types of screens as it will increase the visibility.

Integrating UX/UI interface is of utmost importance as will provide you a good user design usability and increase the overall website traffic.